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Insurance and Fraud

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If you're being targeted for insurance fraud, you may require more than the help of your attorney. Your attorney may require the services of an investigative firm to prove their case. When they do, they often call on TacTech Investigations to find information that can help their case. Insurance fraud is the act of knowingly deceiving an insurance company to cash in on a claim, usually a very sizable claim. It is illegal to receive compensation for claims that were fraudulently obtained. Proving that you did not do so intentionally is not always easy, which is why you can benefit from our help.


Types of Insurance Fraud

There is a variety of insurance fraud that occurs annually, which include:


  • Workers Compensation Insurance

If a worker claims compensation for an accident that caused the injury, a workers compensation investigation confirms how serious the injury is and if the accident happened while at work.


  • Life Insurance

A life insurance claims help find those who claim more life insurance than they are entitled to or claim the insurance while someone is still living. We also verify whether a person is alive or deceased.


  • Home Insurance

When we investigate home insurance fraud, we might discover false damage claims or disaster fraud. We can determine if the coverage was upgraded before the claim was filed. Our investigators will also validate the damage caused to the property to verify if the claim is legal.


  • Car Insurance

Some people will stage an accident so that their vehicle will crash into someone else’s so that they can file a claim. Some people file a claim on a vehicle that has not been stolen.


  • Health Insurance

Our health insurance investigation will help us determine if someone is being paid for health care services that they are not receiving. We will search for billing records to make sure that patients and doctors are not colluding fraud.


Reputable Investigation Company

If you are on our website reading about our investigation services, obviously you need help. When you want to be certain that you’ll receive the most for your money, make sure you always rely on the most reputable service provider that you can find. In Lincoln, we happen to be the preferred and most widely used investigation company. We are also the most reputable investigation company, which is why you should hire us to help with your investigation.


Proven Effective Insurance Fraud Investigations

If you’re wondering why we are so good at what we do, it is because of our proven effective investigative methods, which include:


  • Medical reports & history
  • Surveillance for the verification of claims
  • Insurance coverage analysis
  • Find previous claims & accidents
  • Witness interviews
  • Background checks on claimants
  • Physician’s billing search


With the depth by which we conduct our investigations, you can see why we have as much success as we do. When you want to be sure that you can receive the best quality of services, choose to work with us for your insurance fraud investigation services.

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