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Domestic and Infidelity

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TacTech Investigations consists of a team of professionally licensed investigators who are experienced in investigating infidelity. We know what steps have to be made to get to the truth. With our help, you can receive the evidence that you want and need. We have a designated team of investigators who concentrate on infidelity cases. They have perfected their technique in unraveling the truth, which makes the process shorter than most other investigations. If you think that your spouse is being unfaithful, call on our investigative team to help found out the truth.


Common Signs of Cheating

Those who turn to us to help with their infidelity investigations, do so because they have some inclination that their spouse has been unfaithful. However, they have unsuccessfully found any proof of this, which is why they have come to us. If you are still on the fence about whether or not your partner or spouse is cheating some of the signs to look for include, a sudden need for privacy, changing habits suddenly and staying out late. While these are not the only signs to pay attention to, they are some of the major signs.


Do You Need an Investigator

We hear hundreds of stories of infidelity at TacTech Investigations. We will provide you with undeniable evidence that will you prove the case of infidelity. However, you should always remember that infidelity cases are not always black and white. If you think that your partner or spouse is cheating, then you should give serious consideration to whether to hire an investigator. The most important step is to identify the suspects. If you really want to get to the bottom of the matter, and you can’t put it out of your mind, it is a good idea to hire an investigator.


What to Expect

If you don’t want the truth, don’t hire an investigator. TacTech Investigations does quality work, and we are effective at revealing the truth. You must be prepared for the truth. We have investigated hundreds of infidelity cases and only a third of those who cheat admit it. Also, the average affair often lasts for more than two years. Often, the other person is someone that the partner already knows, usually someone who they work with or have attended school with. These days, they often reconnect via social media. These are the things that we think our clients should know.


Why Hire TacTech Investigations

We have designated investigators who only focus on infidelity and domestic cases. While our investigators can also conduct a variety of other investigative services, we find it most beneficial to ask them to concentrate on a particular type of investigation. It helps them perfect their talents and utilize the skills that they have gained to better serve our client’s needs. When you hire TacTech Investigations, you are assured of receiving answers to your questions. We often find more than our clients ever imagined, which leads to a stronger case against the cheating spouse or partner.

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