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Custody and Divorce Cases

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TacTech Investigations is here to help you whether you need help representing yourself in court or if you’re an attorney representing a client in a custody or divorce case. We take these types of cases very seriously, as we do with every case that we are hired to help with. We have a track record that we can be proud of, as we have effectively provided proof in the way of photos, materials, and videos. Our findings have resulted in a favorable outcome for our clients, which is why our services are preferred.


Child Custody Evidence

Most parents want to provide the safest environment for their children, and in most cases, they believe that they can provide them with that environment. Our primary concern is similar, as we want what is in the best interest of the child. We obtain any evidence that helps make this most obvious. Whether we collect evidence of neglect, alcohol or drug abuse of a parent, and a lack of provisions for a child’s basic needs, such as schooling, we’ll reveal this evidence and more.


Divorce Evidence

If you are going through a divorce, no doubt there are things that you want from your spouse, which you believe that you are entitled to . When attempting to get things that you believe you are owed, it is necessary to prove your case. If it is financial support that you are seeking, we will prove that the other person should be obligated to provide it to you by presenting bank statements, tax returns, and hidden assets. If infidelity is the cause of the divorce, we might be required to dig deeper to come up with evidence against them. Regardless of how much evidence is needed, you can be certain that we'll find it.


Working With a Private Investigator

You might not think that it makes much sense to work with a private investigator. However, ask yourself if it makes sense not to work with one if you are serious about getting custody of your child or getting what you deserve in a divorce? If you answer seriously, you'll conclude that it doesn't make sense. A private investigator can do things that you are not, which is why we are effective at finding the things that are needed to prove your case. It is why we are still in business today, we get results.


Why Hire TacTech Investigations

TacTech Investigations is the most widely used investigative firm in Lincoln, NE, as we offer a variety of beneficial investigative services, including child custody and divorce cases. We do everything legally so that the evidence that you present is useful to you. When someone relies on us for their investigative needs, they know that we will always provide them with evidence. How they choose to use the evidence, however, will be entirely up to them. Our job is to ensure that we can offer you the best chance to prove your case by offering you as much evidence as possible.

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