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Civil Lawsuit Investigations

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A civil case involves a dispute between an organization or individuals, with a person or entity. The dispute is based on the other party not living up to their legal responsibilities based on an agreement that was entered into. The party bringing forth the claim will ask that the other part fulfill their part of the initial agreement and provide compensation for any harm done. At TacTech Investigations, we work for both parties or we can be hired by one of the parties involved, to legally collect evidence. We uphold the standards that make us the ideal choice for investigating your civil case.


Types of Civil Investigations

If you’re considering filing a civil claim, you may already be thinking about who you will hire to investigate the other party on your behalf. Here are some of the various type of civil cases that we investigate:


  • Personal injury investigations

We look into the way that an injury occurred to determine how much compensation someone will be awarded


  • Marital investigations:

We investigate marital disputes that may reveal cheating or abuse of a spouse


  • Missing person investigations:

We conduct investigations to find information that will help us find someone


  • Workers’ compensation investigation:

Our investigation will look into how a persons injury occurred and whether it occurred while at work


If you know that you will be involved in a civil case, you can benefit from the efforts of our Lincoln investigators. We professionally collect evidence to ensure that it can be used in court without a problem. When you have hired someone else to gather evidence for you, but they failed to deliver what you and your attorneys needed, do yourself a favor by relying on our proven effective investigators instead. Call us to find out how we can be of service to you.


Civil Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit usually involves a dispute resolution of private law issues between non-profit organizations, business entities, and individuals. A civil lawsuit also allows the state to be seen as a private party, defendant, or plaintiff and may offer the state civil cause of action to legally enforce laws. We often use surveillance and witness testimony to find factors to support our client. When a civil lawsuit is brought against you or your company, give us a call and allow us to discuss it with you in detail to help you fully understand how we will assist in the civil suit against you.


Dependable Investigators

You can’t depend on every investigation company that you hire, but you can always depend on our talented team of experienced investigators at TacTech Investigations. We have hired only the most seasoned investigators to help with your service needs. When you want to be sure that you win your case, you will if you put us on the case. We collect the appropriate evidence for the case that we have been hired to work on, such as statements from friends, colleagues, and family, physical evidence, business and public records, and financial documents.

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