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Adoption Investigations

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There are usually a lot of unanswered questions when someone is adopted. They may want to know where their family is? Where did they come from? Do they have siblings? Do they share any of their parent's traits? These are common questions that deserve an answer. We would like to provide these answers to you at TacTech Investigations. We can also provide resources that help you with your case. Our investigators will take care of your case with the utmost discretion, thus providing you with peace-of-mind knowing that you are conducting a confidential inquiry.


Why You Might Hire an Adoption Investigator

When someone does not believe that they can adequately care for the needs of their child, they may relinquish their responsibilities as a parent, putting the child up for adoption. The birth parent might want to hire an investigator to find out more about those who are interested in adopting their child. There are also adopted children that are curious about who their biological parents are. They may hire us to find their parents for them. Birth parents may also want to know that their child is being reared by loving parents and hire us to make sure that they are receiving the care that they deserve.


Adoption Restrictions

Some restrictions are placed on adoption records, which makes it even more essential to hire someone who can gain access to aspects of the adoption records. Various laws govern the limitations based on a state's adoption protocol. We have expert investigators who can effectively gather information despite any limitations. Our investigators are keen to discuss these stipulations with our clients so that they can help them manage expectations, regardless of how challenging the investigation might be. We will get you answers to your questions despite restrictions.


What We Do for Adoption Investigations

If you are interested in hiring someone to handle your adoption investigation, we hope that you will consider contacting TacTech Investigations where we offer the following adoption investigation services:


  • Gather information for biological parents about the safety of the child
  • Help clients find their birth parents
  • Help biological parent reconnect with their child
  • Help uncover information about medical issues as they may relate to genetics


These are just some of the primary reasons why someone might contact us about their adoption situation. There are others, that we have not listed. Feel to contact us to inquire if we can handle your case.


Reliable Investigation Company

When you have questions about adoption or your own adoption, we are here to assist you in finding answers to your questions, no matter how long it takes. At TacTech Investigations we believe that you should receive the answers that you desire, which is why we started our firm in the first place. When you have something that has been nagging at you for years, it’s time to do something about it, such as finding satisfactory answers to your questions. Call on us and we’ll satisfy your curiosity with answers.

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